Revitalizing Our Schools

ensures our students are ready for tomorrow’s workplace by building 21st century skills and developing core values. Supporting our students with high quality teachers and fairly funded classrooms improve democracy and allow our community to thrive.

Equitable Education For All

The role of schools and teachers is to prepare our children so they can be productive members of the community tomorrow. Today, state funding for our public schools is at its lowest since 2007. Teachers should receive a fair living wage, and shouldn’t be expected to purchase extra supplies for their students. Students should have the best environment we can provide for learning, with reasonable class sizes.  While charter schools offer an alternative to parents, we need to ensure public schools are thriving. Dan continues to advocate for more state funding to be directed to our education system. He and other Democrats are backing Governor Wolf’s plan to implement a severance tax on natural gas extractors. Every other state with natural gas charges a similar tax, and it could raise $500 MILLION a year that would be used to fund education in the Coatesville Area School District and across the state. 

Freezing Property Taxes

High property tax rates, while necessary to fund education in the County, are taking a toll on seniors and those on fixed incomes. Many residents – especially those 65 and older – are getting taxed out of their homes. We can fully fund education while reducing the burden of property taxes on seniors and those on a fixed income.  Dan authored House Bill 1675 to freeze property taxes for the elderly, and will work with Governor Wolf to ensure better education with more equitable funding sources.

Coatesville Area School District

The Coatesville Area School District deserves special attention. Actions over the past several years have worsened an already tenuous situation. Dan is working closely with the CASD School Board and Administration to help find viable solutions that will benefit students, faculty, staff, parents and taxpayers. We must do what we can to create a setting that fosters equitable education, brings up standardized test scores, provides a safer learning environment – all while maintaining reasonable costs.