Protecting Public Welfare

Governor Wolf signs Rep. Williams's House Bill 1910 into law.

Protecting The Public Welfare

by creating an environment that is safe, healthy and prosperous for all. Safeguard civil and women’s health rights, while at the same time prevent gun violence and combat the opioid epidemic.

Responsible Gun Laws

Dan supports Pennsylvanians’ rights to own firearms under the Second Amendment. However, we need existing gun laws to be implemented more effectively, and additional common sense legislation to ensure safety of the public. We need to implement universal background checks and consider extreme risk protection orders to protect people in high-risk situations. Gun show loopholes must be closed and more efficient background checks should be completed for all purchases. Dan will continue to fight for laws that protect families, loved ones and innocent bystanders and help reduce gun suicides.

Treatment – NOT Incarceration

The War on Drugs became the Opioid Epidemic when the demographics changed. Addicts and users need treatment – not incarceration. Dan believes in treating this crisis as the medical disease it is, not as a jail offense. There have been great strides made by the Commonwealth over the past year, but we must do more and make sure the new programs are known and available. Insurance companies must cover treatment of addictions and other behavioral health issues as they do with physical medical conditions.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Dan firmly believes that a woman’s health choices are the personal decision between her and those she trusts, not a politician. He believes women are equal citizens, and will support legislation to protect a woman’s autonomy. Dan also supports state funding for Planned Parenthood and any organizations that provide reproductive healthcare, family planning, and other critical health and community services.

Equal Rights For ALL

Dan firmly believes in equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sexual preference, or identity. No one should be denied the right to marry who they love, and any marriage between two people, regardless of gender, should carry the same rights and privileges. The same is true of all rights everyone should have whether they relate to employment discrimination or fair access to healthcare. Dan will continue to push for legislation that guarantees equal rights for all.