Investing In Our Community

is key to rejuvenating our district and promoting economic growth. This means creating high quality jobs, protecting our neighbors, maintaining public infrastructure, and encouraging responsible commercial development to promote job growth and increase tax revenue.

Upgrading Our Infrastructure

Many parts of our physical infrastructure are in disrepair and in need of critical maintenance. Roads need repaving, bridges need upgrading, and potholes need filling. Dan is seeking input from everyone to prioritize which projects need completion first and what funding is needed.

Encouraging Responsible Commercial Development

To revitalize our economy and increase tax revenue, Chester County is redeveloping its commercial real estate. At the same time, local residents need to be involved in the decision processes that will impact their neighborhoods. Dan is leading the effort to ensure we are building consensus before development moves forward. 

Increasing Job Opportunities

With economic growth through redevelopment and infrastructure upgrade comes new jobs in the 74th district, and these jobs should go to area residents. Dan is also bringing vocational training to the district for those who want a good job with a living wage and worthwhile benefits.

Protecting First Responders

Pennsylvania is rapidly approaching a shortage of volunteer first responders. With costs skyrocketing and recruitment levels dwindling, our Commonwealth needs to take action. As a member of the House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee, Dan is pushing for legislation to support volunteer first responders by providing grants to cover certification requirements, medical care, and training costs.

Advancing Labor Rights

As a former Teamster member, Dan understands the importance of restoring the balance of power between workers and corporations by supporting unions. He authored the Pennsylvania Protecting the Right to Organize (PA PRO) Act, a landmark bill which would substantially ease the process for workers to form and join unions, simplify contract negotiations with employers, introduce real penalties against interference in organizing efforts, and protect the right to strike.