“We cannot be fully evolved human beings, nor a community, until we care about basic rights and human dignity of everyone.”

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Dan Williams serves as our State Representative to make sure WE are heard in Harrisburg. He has spent the past 30 years actively leading the district he proudly calls home and is fortunate to represent. He firmly believes that progress is made when everyone unites toward a common goal.

Investing in Community

Rejuvenate our district and promote economic growth for all by creating high quality jobs, protecting the people who contribute to the community, maintaining public infrastructures, encouraging responsible commercial development and promoting job growth to increase tax revenue.
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Revitalizing Schools

Ensure our students are ready for tomorrow’s workplace by building 21st century skills and developing core values. Support our students with high quality teachers and fairly funded classrooms to improve democracy and allow our community to thrive.

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Protecting Public Welfare

Create safe, healthy, and prosperous neighborhoods for all. Safeguard civil and women’s health rights, while preventing gun violence and combating the opioid epidemic. 
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