Building our future together

“The only future worth dreaming of is one that includes all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from.”

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Dan Williams is a long-time resident in Chester County. His experience as a member of the working-class and as a pastor of the community gives him an in-depth understanding of what District 74 needs to thrive. As a leader, he is committed to the welfare of every citizen in the community. The progress he has made is clear from his first term:

$8 Million

Over $8 million in state resources brought back to the district to invest in children, roads, housing, and well-being.

300 Bills

Authored and supported over 300 bills to reduce property taxes, ensure workers’ rights, fully fund public schools, and raise the minimum wage.

2000 Cases

Over 2000 constituent cases addressed, from senior citizen services, to veterans programs, to vital records requests and legislation advocacy.

Dan Williams is running for re-election for PA House District 74. The time to build our future together is NOW!

Dan channels his dedication to the community into advocacy for our priorities in safety, health, employment, and education. Join our campaign to re-elect Dan so we can continue to make progress. Our time is now.


Dan Williams serves as our State Representative to make sure WE are heard in Harrisburg. He has spent the past 30 years actively leading the district he proudly calls home and is fortunate to represent. He firmly believes that progress is made when everyone unites toward a common goal.

Investing in Community

Rejuvenate our district and promote economic growth for all by creating high quality jobs, protecting the people who contribute to the community, maintaining public infrastructures, encouraging responsible commercial development and promoting job growth to increase tax revenue.
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Revitalizing Schools

Ensure our students are ready for tomorrow’s workplace by building 21st century skills and developing core values. Support our students with high quality teachers and fairly funded classrooms to improve democracy and allow our community to thrive.

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Protecting Public Welfare

Create safe, healthy, and prosperous neighborhoods for all. Safeguard civil and women’s health rights, while preventing gun violence and combating the opioid epidemic. 
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Meet Dan Williams

Meet Dan Williams

In 2018, first time candidate Pastor Dan Williams, a respected community leader, won 61% of the vote to flip the district blue, becoming the state representative for the 74th Legislative District in Pennsylvania. 
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